Bail Bonds in Atlanta/Fulton County

Bonding Out of Jail in Georgia

How Bail Bonds Work in Atlanta, Georgia

Bail bonds are both an insurance policy and a financial agreement between a bail bondsman, the person accused of a crime who is currently incarcerated, the court system, and a cosigner. Basically, a bonding company guarantees that the defendant will appear before the judge on their court date and in exchange, charges a fee to the cosigner for their bail bonds services. In Atlanta, Georgia these types of surety bonds are becoming less frequent because the mayor has recently signed a bill allowing for more signature bonds in which a defendant is released on their own recognizance. This is intended to help families with lower than average incomes.

In order to qualify for a bail bond in Atlanta, GA, you have to have a couple different forms of identification, money for the bond, and a debit or credit card in your name. You may have to make a drive through the ATM at the bank on your way to the bondsman's office, but the other items required to become a cosigner on the bond should be readily available to you. Take these items with you to the bonding agency.

To find a reputable bonding company in your area, you should first determine what you're looking for in a service. Are you looking for a company who is knowledgeable in the history of bail bonds, and can rattle off facts and figures like how it all started with Peter P. McDonough or that the Excessive Bail Clause in the United States Constitution protects certain rights? OR are you mainly concerned with getting your friend or loved one free as soon as possible without too much hassle?

If you're looking for a bail bondsman who can help with a standard surety bond for Atlanta pretrial detention services or Fulton County's jail near Rice Street, then we highly suggest you visit our main Atlanta bail bonds page and call the offices listed and recommended by our writers.

Overall, the way that bail bonds work in Atlanta is simple.

A defendant gets arrested and booked into jail. They call you to hire a bondsman. The bail bonds company tell you what you need to bring in along with your payment. You go sign the bond and the bondsman delivers it to the jail. After that, the inmate gets released. Sound simple? It is.